seeking id of mushrroms purchased in Chinatown San Francisco

Mike Maas docmaas-nospam at
Fri Mar 14 04:57:43 EST 2003

Don't know what they are. My wife bought them thinking they were
boletes.  They do look like boletes but no tubes and what appear to be
the beginnings of gills make me wonder.  I looked at gilled boletes on
the web but these don't really look like the ones I saw on the web

They tast delicious similar to boletes I harvested this fall but quite
strong.  Strangely they have almost no odor.  In fact she also bought
some fresh Shiitake at the same time and they smelled the same so I
think the smell is probably a result of shipping or storage.

Anyway if anyone knows what they are I'd like to know.


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