Preservation of cultures?

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Thu Mar 20 04:18:30 EST 2003

Bertil wrote:
> Hi out there!

> How do I preserve the cultures for future use?
> I have read about deepfreezing in liquid nitrogen, but that is out of
> the question -:)

> Somewhere else (Stamets ?) talks about storing cultures in "mineral
> oil". 

> Now what excatly is "mineral oil"? Ordinary motor oil or cooking oil
> or some special oil?

You can find it in the pharmacy section
of almost any grocer, near the hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, witch
hazel, etc. I think, medically speaking, it's used as a laxative.

> Is there any other cheep ways of storing live cultures?

Mineral oil is the cheap route.  Grow the strains you want to
preserve in MEA-filled culture tubes, then add enough minerail oil to
cover them.  Place  the culture tubes in cold storage at just over
freezing (I think 36F is recommended.)  You may be able to keep them
in the fridge, for example.  If you're going to do this somewhere that
isn't perfectly temperature-regulated, though, make a few backups and
distribute them to other people for holding in their fridges as well.

to that if you don't hold it ope

> /Bertil

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