Preservation of cultures?

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Mon Mar 24 06:14:42 EST 2003

Bertil Lindstrom wrote:

> So, is it maybe "castor oil" or something similar?
> /Bertil
> On 20 Mar 2003 09:18:29 -0000, please_post at wrote:
>>Bertil wrote:
>>> Hi out there!
>>> How do I preserve the cultures for future use?
>>> I have read about deepfreezing in liquid nitrogen, but that is out of
>>> the question -:)
>>> Somewhere else (Stamets ?) talks about storing cultures in "mineral
>>> oil".
>>> Now what excatly is "mineral oil"? Ordinary motor oil or cooking oil
>>> or some special oil?
>>You can find it in the pharmacy section
>>of almost any grocer, near the hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, witch
>>hazel, etc. I think, medically speaking, it's used as a laxative.

'Mineral oil' refers to an oil of fossil origin, i.e. that has come out of
the ground, as opposed to vegetable oil that has been extracted
from recently living plant material, or animal oil similarly. I think that
castor oil is a vegetable oil.

I can't think what sort of mineral oil would be suitable for cultures,
probably not ordinary motor oil, but then I don't know anything about that
sort of thing.

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