Any resources for lifecycle of household mildew?

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>Subject: Re: Any resources for lifecycle of household mildew?
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>Date: 5/13/2003 4:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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>Usually high humidity is the largest factor.  Rotting wood would
>probably be another big one.
>Check that out for more info....
>-- Eric
>Jack Forster wrote:

Hi Eric- thanks for the link.  It's a pretty good introduction to the legal and
procedural methodology of mold remediation, but a bit thin perhaps on the
biology of the organism.  In the interim I've found dozens of websites devoted
to mycology and to the biology of molds in particular though.  On my first pass
through the usual search engines I waded through a lot of websites devoted to
mold remediation!  Basically I was interested in the morphology, reproductive
strategies, evolutionary biology, biochemistry, feeding strategies, etc.

You know, so I can scrub with real appreciation :-).

I'm a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and herbology)
by trade, so I'm reasonably sophisticated about basic organic chemistry,
biology, and the morphology of microorganisms, at least for a non-professional
scientist.  We use a fair number of fungi and micorhyzzal organisms in
traditional Chinese herbology.

Thanks again,

Jack Forster

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