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Eric Wilk <Eric.Wilk at edu.Tufts> wrote:
>You can't use store-bought ones -- the fruitbodies really have to be less than 24-48 
>hours old to clone
>them.  You won't get a sporeprint, either -- too old.
>I think you have the idea of a casing layer confuzed -- it's supposed to be 
>NON-nutritious.  You use a
>casing layer to provide moisture and help avoid airborne mushroom pathogens.  I would 
>think rye grain
>should work as both a spawning and fruiting substrate, but people usually use a 
>wood-based medium for
>shiitakes, such as sawdust/bran, and then spawn oak logs into holes drilled in them.  
>Most likely just
>using grain and then casing it should be fine, but it can't hurt to throw some sawdust 
>into the mixture.
>For casing, peat moss works well with lime, but you have to apply it loosely or it 
>won't be airy.  You can
>add vermiculite if this becomes a problem.  A lot of people also have had success using 
>coco coir mulch.
>-- Eric

I believe from what ive read, that Paul Stamets recommends a 4:1 sawdust
bran mixture

Thanks alot for the information!

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