Growing: casing and spore question

Eric Wilk Eric.Wilk at edu.Tufts
Tue Sep 30 03:33:56 EST 2003

You can't use store-bought ones -- the fruitbodies really have to be less than 24-48 hours old to clone
them.  You won't get a sporeprint, either -- too old.

I think you have the idea of a casing layer confuzed -- it's supposed to be NON-nutritious.  You use a
casing layer to provide moisture and help avoid airborne mushroom pathogens.  I would think rye grain
should work as both a spawning and fruiting substrate, but people usually use a wood-based medium for
shiitakes, such as sawdust/bran, and then spawn oak logs into holes drilled in them.  Most likely just
using grain and then casing it should be fine, but it can't hurt to throw some sawdust into the mixture.

For casing, peat moss works well with lime, but you have to apply it loosely or it won't be airy.  You can
add vermiculite if this becomes a problem.  A lot of people also have had success using coco coir mulch.

-- Eric

enferex at wrote:

> I am new to the whole growing mushroom deal
> I am interested in growing shittake mushrooms
> 2 questions:
> 1)Other than buying spores or mycelium from a supplier could
> I just buy some edible shittakies in the grocery store and use their
> spores or mycellium?
> 2) What is the best/easiest/safest casing to use for shittake
> Can i just simply use sawdust or is it an absolute must to use some
> other type of casing if my spawn substrate is rye grain? (is that a good substrate to use for shittake?)
>         Thanks,
>         Matt

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