Course on Epiphytic and Cliff Communities of Coastal Temperate Rainforests

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Please distribute this rare field course offering to undergraduate or
graduate students interested in old-growth temperate rainforest canopy
communities, as well as marine cliff ecosystems. All aspects of this course
will be conducted at or around the Bamfield Marine Sciences Center, located
in a small fishing village along the beautiful exposed outer Pacific coast
of British Columbia, Canada. Tuition costs, and housing information can be
accessed at (, and course credits are
eligible for transfer. Some study sites are located at heights of over 30
meters, accessed via a professionally developed system of winches, ladders
and platforms, easing physical (and mental?) access.   


Epiphytic and Lithic Plant Communities of Coastal Temperate Rainforests
(Special Topics)

(UVic MRNE 402 P80 TT# 24465; UC MRSC 501.36) 3 weeks, 5 July - 23 July 
This course will examine form, function and conservation of biologically
diverse epiphytic and lithic lower plants (algae, bryophytes, ferns and
fungi), prominent in coastal rainforest communities. Laboratory studies will
emphasize current methods of identification (taxonomic, chemical,
molecular), while field studies, conducted on and around canopy platforms
and marine cliffs, will stress ecological importance. Independent projects
will provide further opportunity for students to explore aspects of their
unique ecology in the Barkley Sound region. 

Introductory courses in ecology, botany or permission of instructor. 
Dr. Andrew Swanson, Case Western Reserve University


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