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> Sage Brooks wrote:
>> HI im planning on growing fly agaric.  can one use the same formula as
>> the fanaticus substrate of brown rice powder and vermiculite?
>> also.. is there such a thing as "too much humidity"?
>> should i make a ventilation hole on my terraniums?
>> thanks
>> Sage Brooks
> Its usual habitat seems to suggest its a wood loving sp. so i would
> imagine you would have to case in wood to fruit, could not find spacific
> fruiting conditions in stamets book and I dont waist my time with
> aminita, hope that helps.
> from feild guide:
> on ground Usually beneath spruce, birch, or mixed woods
> as far as humidity for a casing you want to maintain around 90% rh for
> best results. My suggestion is to head to alt.drugs.mushrooms if you are
> seeking more information on this type of cultivation.

Actually the Amanitas are mycorrhizal, i.e. they only
grow in a symbiotic relationship with roots of living
trees. This means that growing A.muscaria is going to
fraught with problems.
It is a lot easier to collect a lot of caps in season
and dry them - that is if you really want the drugs,
It's what the shamans used to do.
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