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>Sage Brooks wrote:
>> HI im planning on growing fly agaric.  can one use the same formula as
>> the fanaticus substrate of brown rice powder and vermiculite?
>> also.. is there such a thing as "too much humidity"?
>> should i make a ventilation hole on my terraniums?
>> thanks
>> Sage Brooks
>Its usual habitat seems to suggest its a wood loving sp. so i would 
>imagine you would have to case in wood to fruit, could not find spacific 
>fruiting conditions in stamets book and I dont waist my time with 
>aminita, hope that helps.
>from feild guide:
>on ground Usually beneath spruce, birch, or mixed woods
>as far as humidity for a casing you want to maintain around 90% rh for 
>best results. My suggestion is to head to alt.drugs.mushrooms if you are 
>seeking more information on this type of cultivation.

I'm quite sure that A. muscaria is a mycorrhizal species. If so, I'd give the chances of
successfully growing them in the basement (or wherever) as being somewhere between nil and
nothing. The Japanese for instance, have spent millions..... literally, trying to grow
another mycorrhizae, the"Matsutake" , without success. 

Having said that, I have seen "kits" for A. muscaria at some online sites. I dismissed
them as likely being nothing more than simply an inoculant that a person is supposed to
plant under a mycorrhizal symbiont and wait, hoping that the relationship takes hold and
produces fruitbodies sometime in the future. 
I could be  entirely wrong about this however and some mycorrhizae are being grown
artificially with success. Given that, I wonder if anyone might have any further info on
either the nature of these kits , or the current state of attempts at growing mycorrhizae?

Gary Williams

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