Cryptic species?

Stefan Rauschen Rauschen at
Fri Aug 27 03:44:39 EST 2004

> Regarding cryptic species (taken to mean one "morpho-species" which
> holds many distinct "phylogenetic / biological species"). Do you think
> one should be reluctant to describe new species that *are* supported
> by the "biological species concept" (mating tests) and by the
> "phylogenetic species concept", but which are virtually impossible to
> tell apart using morphology only?

The use of molecular methods in phylogeny will - my guess - inevitably lead
to this situation. Probably, at some point in time we will arrive at a
systematic approach, that lumps species together because of their morphology
and simultaneously differentiates them because of their genetic structure.
Only a synthesis of both approaches will do, in my opinion.

> Can anyone point me to a few studies where this has been done /
> discussed?

Two items I have read that might be recommended:

Taylor, Jacobson & Fisher., 1999. The evolution of asexual fungi:
reproduction, speciation and classification. Annual Revue of Phytopathology
37: 197-246
Taylor, Jacobson, Kroken, Kasuga, Geiser, Hibbett & Fisher, 2000.
Phylogenetic species recognition and species concepts in fungi. Fungal
Genetics and Biology 31: 21-32

The first gives some examples of studies (about phytopathologic species),
the second is a discussion about species concepts with regard to fungi in


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