353 Rare Publications on Fungi, 1753-1940

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353 Rare Publications on Fungi, 1753-1940
A selection from over 30 botanical Libraries worldwide
IDC Publishers is making available a special collection of historical titles on Algae selected from the Taxonomic Literature (2nd Edition, Stafleu and Cowan). 
Dr.R.S. Cowan (?) made this selection from the 6,000 botanical titles which are available on microfiche through IDC .
You can find the complete title lists online, by going to:  www.idc.nl/catalog/index_botany.php?c=2
If you prefer to receive a printed title list, please contact us at info at idc.nl 

Via www.idc.nl/botany  you will be able to search through the database of all 6,000 titles

For further information or additional questions you can also contact me at this email address or phone number below. 
Or you can contact our US office at: 1-800-757-7441 
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