nutrient agar on cloth object

Alex Metral mail at
Tue May 4 04:03:00 EST 2004

Hello; I am an artist with a nutrient-agar-drying-out-getting-lumpy-problem.
I've been trying to grow skin bacteria and fungus on  a pair of lace gloves.
Right now I either have a layer of agar on top which dries out, or I have a
thick layer that gets very lumpy. I want the agar to be as invisible as
possible, and the cultures to be visible.  I've grown them in petri dishes
with nutrient agar. In my oven (with warming light on and a dish of water
inside) I have a glass dish, and the gloves soaking in a thick layer, with
saran wrap over them But the final project needs the gloves to be displayed
as gloves, just with bacteria growths. so they need to be removed from the
agar surround.

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