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Dear Mycology moderator,
Cambridge University Press publishes three journals for the British 
Mycological Society: *Mycological Research, *Mycologist and *Mycological 
Research. I would like to post a call-for-papers announcement on your list 
to invite your recipients to submit papers to the journals. We offer free 
access to a selection of articles so prospective authors can read the type 
of content we are looking for. Would you be interested in posting this 
message? The draft message would be:

British Mycological Society journals: Would you like to submit a paper?

*Mycological Research - A fast-tracked publication, this journal is the 
premier international forum for research on all aspects of fungi - 
including lichens, slime moulds and yeasts. If you would like to submit a 
paper, visit:

*Mycologist - A general interest publication on mycology, *Mycologist is a 
valuable source of information for researcher and amateur alike. 
Visit: for more 
information and instructions for contributors.

*Field Mycology
Designed to aid the reader's identification skills in the field and under 
the microscope, *Field Mycology is devoted to the study of wild fungi in 
Britain and Europe. 
Visit the homepage at:

Rikke Kensinger
Cambridge University Press

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