[Mycology] mycology journal back issues available

gwill at mis.net gwill at mis.net
Sat Dec 10 06:08:49 EST 2005

These were discarded by the University of Kentucky Ag. Information
Center. All for $100 U.S. first-come-first-serve, PICKUP ONLY (heavy,
but they all fit in my Camry) in southcentral Kentucky. No splitting
up. Abstracts of Mycology: vol. 1, '67 thru vol. 23, '89, except 12
monthly issues of vol. 11, '77 (I do have the cumulative issue for that
year) Mycologia: vol. 58, '66 thru vol. 93, 2001 (but in vol. 85, I
have only nos. 1 and 2) Mycotaxon: vol. 38, '70 thru vol. 64, '97 Greg
Williams, 750 Black Lick Rd., Gravel Switch, KY 40328, phone
859-332-7606, e-mail gwill at mis.net

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