[Mycology] fresh morels

Nathan Distler distler24 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 4 20:39:03 EST 2006

Hi George: Are you interested in purchasing morels again this year?
	I didn’t know if you will be able to make it out yourself and  hunt morels 
or you would like to order some from myself.  So I have enclosed an order 
form below so you can do just that at.

                                 2006 Fresh Morel(Esculenta) Order From

* To order simply print this form off, provide the following information and 
include a check or money order for the amount you would like to order. 
Orders will be shipped out the last week in April and the first week in May.

                                                    Mail to: Nathan Distler
                                                    309 Brayman Ave.  PO 82
                                                    Scales Mound IL 61075

Ship to(Name)_______________________________________



Home Phone#_______________________

Work Phone #_______________________

Cell Phone #________________________

Email Address:_____________________________

Pounds of Fresh Morels Ordered:_________

Check or Money Order Amount:__________

2006 Price List for fresh morels

	1 Pound  =  $48	 2 Pounds = $79	 3 Pounds = $110
4 Pounds = $140	 5 Pounds = $177	 6 Pounds = $210
7 Pounds = $240	 9 Pounds = $281	10 Pounds = $298

*Shipping and handling included in the prices above within the continental 

	 * Morels will be shipped out Monday-Wednesday by UPS overnight shipping 
and shipping is included in the prices above.   It is necessary that you 
provide your e-mail above so that I can contact you upon shipment. 
Considering that morels tend to spoil easily, you might want to make 
arrangements in receiving your package.   The dead line for all orders will 
be May 1, due to the short morel season here in the Mid-West. Mid-West 
morels consist of yellow and grays(esculenta).

	* Morels will be shipped out on a first come first serve basis, if you 
would like to receive your morels on a certain date, please contact me by 
e-mail or by phone(815-845-2048).

	* Your morels may lose up to one tenth of a pound or more during the 
shipping process, they will regain this weight once they are soaked salt in 
water. Please soak for at least an hour prior to eating since these are 
fresh mushrooms from wooded areas.

	* Please enjoy!  If you would like to order more than ten pounds or if you  
want further information about anything you may let me know.  Please leave a 
message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you,  Nate

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