[Mycology] commercial morel harvest

Clint Cavanaugh clinti at ix.netcom.com
Wed Apr 26 07:17:52 EST 2006

How can you tell when wild morels are ready to be plucked?   We have a secret "crop" (of about 3 big guys), but are not sure whether we should let them grow a few more days or risk someone else finding them. One's huge and gorgeous!  I found them in this urban spot about 3 years ago and got about 11 year before last, so I know they're really morels and fine to eat.  Last year, some over-zealous spring cleaners took all the babies and we feared we'd never see them again, but this year--at least in a limited edition--they're back!  Any way to transplant them to our yard that you know of, or assure that there will be more next year?
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