[Mycology] Re: carbon ball spores

Kurt norsgerm at arvig.net
Wed Feb 8 18:50:20 EST 2006

Thank you to the individual who mailed me. I should have been more precise.
First location..northern Minnesota..mixed hardwoods
Positive ID...Daldinia concentrica (carbon balls) and Hericium ramosum (comb 
tooth Hedgehog)
Situation....On a fallen maple log. There were many carbon balls on the top 
half of the log shedding lots of brown/black spores on the combtooth below.
As the carbon balls are obviously inedible my books mention nothing about 
them being toxic. Where would I find this info?
My intrest in fruiting bodies is still primarily in eating them, and comb 
tooths make my mouth water. I did not dare to eat this one because of the 
dark spores from the carbon balls.
"Kurt" <norsgerm at arvig.net> wrote in message 
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> Last fall I found a comb tooth that had been 'peppered' with carbon ball 
> spores. Are those spores toxic¿
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