[Mycology] Re: carbon ball spores

dwheeler at ipns.com dwheeler at ipns.com
Mon Feb 13 00:02:06 EST 2006

I would not think that Daldinia concentrica are poisonous, although in
their later developmental stage they probably shouldn't be eaten just
because of the danger of inhaled heavy spore loads. When growing
shiitake on Red alder (Alnus rubra), Daldinia is a fairly common
competitor fungus. It didn't damage/affect any of this shiitake I was
growing. I would presume it would similarly not damage Hericium ramosum
much, although there _might_ be a noticeable flavor.

I'm not so sure that Daldinia is inedible. Especially when just
emerging from logs. The flavor is both sweet and the texture rather
soft/rubbery at first. At that stage, I would cautiously sample them.
They tend to mature rather rapidly, especially in warmer climates. So
be sure to get them while still in the _very young_ stage, long before
the spores start to shed.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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