[Mycology] Re: Feb. 18th Truffle Forage @ Paul Bishop's

dwheeler at ipns.com dwheeler at ipns.com
Sun Feb 19 15:56:44 EST 2006

An estimated 50 people attended Paul's forage this year, including
several new members to both NATS and OMS.

Weather was a deciding factor in many people's decision to attend, with
winds of 30mph and temperatures of 28-30 degrees, the wind chill factor
brought the temperature down too low for many people to consider
looking for truffles. The truffles I did see brought in were mostly
frozen, with ice crystals on them. This probably means the end of the
truffle season for at least another 3-4 months.

Truffles which I saw or saw identified:

Tuber oregonense (I question this identification)
Tuber gibbosum
Hymenogaster sps.
Rhizopogon vinicolor
Barssia oregonensis
Endogone species, very immature, probably E. lactiflua.

The Endogone species had a strong aroma which Lisa identified as being
"cooked cabbage with garlic". I think this is a very accurate
description of the aroma. There was no noticeable differentiation of
tissue, but in the past material similar to this that I have had
identified was described as Endogone species, and that is what I based
my identification on.

It was an ironic day: brilliant sky, bright sun, and much too cold.
Both Dennis and Norene Wedam, past NATS co-chairs, were able to find
good quantities of T. gibbosum in fairly good size (quarter or larger
diameter). At least one other collection had good T. gibbosum in it,
but also contained ice crystals.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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