[Mycology] update of Morchella/sclerotia bomb run

Shawn Harrison shawn.michael.lee.harrison at gmail.com
Thu May 25 10:54:28 EST 2006

Hi Paul,
      I have some questions about morels that might be good questions for you.
My first question is: Are the mycelia of M.Angusticeps M.Elata (black morels) 
and the corresponding sclerotia and conidia, different than their counterparts
the M.Esculenta (white/yellow morels) ? and are their color the same? white mycelia?

     Another question I'd like to ask is when trying to develop cultures of morel mycelia 
using dried morels how can one go about obtaining spores from them and avoid contamination
in the sterilized substrate in petri dishes or mason jars by Rhizopus which may have 
made it onto the dried morels by chance? Also how long are the spores from dried morels viable?

And my last question, Is there any photographs out there of the conidial stage of Morchella, (as suggested 
by Tom Volk in the life-cycle of the morels)? I have read Nancy Smith Weber's book the 
Morel Hunter's Companion and she mentions an account of a leaf mold or something confused as 
that which was named Costantinella Cristata which is the conidial stage of Morchella. Plus
I have seen another mention of it on the web occurring in Autumn.
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