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Sun Oct 15 09:14:26 EST 2006

Dear all,

As a part of my doctoral studies "Organization of Resources for WWW:
case study of fungi", I have designed a prototype database based on
the information needs of mycologists, working in different areas which
could be used by different user groups to organise and share their
information on the web.

The URL of the project is http://www.fungalspecies.co.in  I request you
to kindly visit the site. At present there are very few records
available in  the database.  I request you to add records and / or
search the records and send your feedback. You will noticed that the
objective has been to provide for flexibility and the user has the
authority to freedom to define the data entry as well as search

The time is right for developing, sharing and creating sharable data
resources. My work is part of this trend.

Any comments from you will be extremely helpful in finalising my work
and will be greatly appreciated.


Shubhada Nagarkar (Fulbright Scholar) (On lein, Bioinformatics Center,
University of Pune)
Department of Library and Information Science
University of Pune
Pune - 411007

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