[Mycology] Truffle farms

Sherry Tipton Snyder ssherry1025 at qwest.net
Sun Sep 17 21:36:35 EST 2006

Dear Mr. Winder,  My name is Sherry Tipton Snyder and my family has 
almost two hundred	acres in Oklahoma , most of it wild and covered in 
old oak trees . My husband and I 	spent some time living in France and 
last time at the farm I was reminded of the truffle	forests there. 
After doing a little research online I haven't yet discovered a reason 
why	growing truffles there wouldn't work , although I do understand 
that the whole process	is a gamble. So I am writing to you as my next 
step in exploring the possibilities of	making truffles happen on our 
land . If you could let me know what the requirements 	for successful 
inoculation and cultivation would be, what your procedure would be, 
etc. 	I would very much appreciate it. 							
													I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, 
Sherry																																						p.s.- I've already picked 
out a French scent-hound breed to be my truffiere

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