[Mycology] Mushroom Growing in Western Kenya - a new kind of Help Project

Mycos mycos at shaw.ca
Wed Sep 20 17:14:09 EST 2006

Dr. Njoroge,
I have always had a particular fascination for Termitomyces, a genus 
that is apparently Africa-specific. I would be willing to trade any 
species you know of that is endemic to N.America (Canada). Give me some 
advance notice,  and we will work on the rest. For instance; tell me if 
you prefer a slant culture (best for shipping), petri dish or just 
spores(/really/ good for shipping, but... <g>) and you hopefully can 
provide me with any thoughts on what the saprophytic requirements of the 
Termitomyces genus (or species you have) might be.

Gary Williams

Njoroge, Joseph wrote:
> Hi
>  My name is Joseph.I 'd like to buy some mushroom mycelium .I'm in 
> Nairobi .Please advise.
> Thanks.
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