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Tue Dec 18 13:35:28 EST 2007

In <3qvls2$m6r at ixnews3.ix.netcom.com> jimcald at ix.netcom.com (James
Caldwell) writes:
>I just finished an article for a beer magazine on how to build a
>laminar flow hood (for about 100 bucks).  Since I got the idea
>originally from Stamet's book on mushroom culturing, it occurred to me
>that some readers of this group might be interested as well.  I'll fax
>or snail mail copies to any interested party.

Wow!   I grossly underestimated the interest in this article; I got
more than 20 requests and 24hours haven't even elapsed.  I have been
E-mailing a text version of the article to those who have requested it.
 If you desire the article with photos and simple drawings (not really
necessary IMHO) please send me a SASE at

Jim Caldwell
9180 Nana Russell Rd.
Owings, MD  20736

(I'll spring for the postage for non-US addresses if you send a
self-addressed envelope)

In the meantime, requests for the article text or questions can be
directed to me at jimcald at ix.netcom.com

For the curious, the key to my design was the use of an inexpensive
high output (520 cfm) radial output fan with back-curved impellers, and
downsizing the HEPA filter to 12" x 24".  Going to a larger filter
(which the fan will handle) would up the cost from about $100 to $140
or so.  Sources for the above parts are included in the article.

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