[Mycology] Paecilomyces Isolates needed

mohammed qasim via mycology%40net.bio.net (by mohdqasim At maktoob.com)
Tue Jan 9 02:55:43 EST 2007

I am a Jordanian researcher performing a regional research on the bioagent Paecilomyces for the control of Meloidogyne javanica (root Knor nematode) in Jordan

Please note that I am in urgent need for the following
- Mass production of the bioagent isolates
- More Paecilomyces isolates from other regions in order to compaire the efficiency

kindly if there is anyone who has viable Paecilomyces isolates or knows anyone who has isolates contact me on (mohdqasim At maktoob.com) and we can arrange further details

thanks to all

M Qasim from Jordan

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