[Mycology] Cortinarius bellus toxicity ?

2tone via mycology%40net.bio.net (by nzgeneral from gmail.com)
Tue Jun 12 07:30:23 EST 2007

Hello my mycological friends ,

A friend believe he has consumed two small Cortinarius bellus mushroom
caps approximately one week ago .

I have searched and found reference to other specific varieties of
Cortinarius that are highly toxic , but can find no specific mention
of the bellus variety with regard to toxicity .

Can anyone forward me to information regarding toxicity information
regarding Cortinarius Bellus?

Or advise as to what the person should do , ie. should they report to
the poison centre of the hospital for testing ?

We can find little specific information pertaining to this "bellus"
variety and some specific guidance on this matter would be most
helpful .


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