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Sun Mar 4 12:27:47 EST 2007

On Feb 28, 1:22 pm, eve... from spiretech.com wrote:
> I'm trying to learn if we might want to innoculate our over grown xmas
> tree farm with truffles.
> Thanks.
> E. TAylor

Couple of questions: 1) How overgrown are they. What age/height? 2)
What tree species? Only truffles I know how to grow are species-
specific with Douglas-fir. 3) What slope are the trees planted on.
Truffle inoculation on slopes over 15 degrees is not recommended
because of erosion. 4) What other native fungi are already present? If
there is not already one of 7 indicator species present, I will not

Finally, hundreds if not thousands of mycorrhizal fungi can be present
on the same roots of a tree currently fruiting truffles. A tree
planted outside often has up to 7 mycorrhizal fungi per 1/2 centimeter
of rootlet. To limit  colonization to only Tuber species may be
counter-indicated for truffle production in the long-term.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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