[Mycology] FeCl3 Staining for log

Irwan ML Aji via mycology%40net.bio.net (by irwanmla from yahoo.com)
Tue May 8 07:26:44 EST 2007

Dear Peter,
  My name is Irwan Aji and currently studying at the University of Melbourne Australia. I have started to conduct a research project regarding Shiitake Cultivation on log as a condition to fulfil my Masters Degree.
  I have read from your book titled 'Mushroom Cultivation' page 131, point 13.3.5. Fruiting. You stated that to check the mycelial growth, staining a cross section of wood with ferro chloride (FeCl3) can be conducted. I am trying to obtain the chemical subtance required i.e. Fe Cl3, however, I have no idea exactly what it is. Therefore, could you please inform me what type of ferro chloride used in that particular action. I am trying monitor the growth of mycelium on different type of wood species and would like to employ this particular technique. I would be greatful if you could reply and provide this answer for me. I apologies for disturbing you and I thank you in advance.
  Irwan Aji
  Master of Forest Science (Candidate)
  Faculty of Land and Food Resources
  University of Melbourne

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