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Wed May 16 08:27:56 EST 2007

On May 10, 10:29 am, ram <ram_palb... from yahoo.com> wrote:
> On May 3, 11:01 pm, Joe Skulan <jlsku... from geology.wisc.edu> wrote:
> > Perhaps this is not the ideal forum for these questions, but I have  
> > exhausted other options.
> > 1. Are there any toxic species of Lactarius that it is known cannot  
> > be detoxified by the Russian method of soaking in several changes of  
> > water, boiling and salting?
> > 2. Are any russulas known to be toxic other than R. emetica?
> > By toxic I mean toxic, as in eating them will make you sick. I do not  
> > mean that it might make some people sick, or that we don't know if  
> > it's toxic or not so we will assume it is. I don't want general  
> > warnings about being careful, I certainly don't want information on  
> > "edibility" that mixes toxicological information with subjective  
> > judgments on taste. I'm growing very frustrated with the poor quality  
> > of information on toxicity provided in guides, most of which seem to  
> > be written by people with very limited palates.
> > Cheers,
> > Joe Skulan
> What DO you want to know?  Do you want to "Know" that all Russula's
> other than R. emetica are non-toxic, and that all Lactarius are edible
> once salted?  Would you believe me if I said this was true?
> It is with good reason that most authors of field guides are cautious
> when treating the subject of mycophagy.
> If you are looking for a guide with a less "limited" approach to
> mycophagy, you should try Charles Mcilvaine, One Thousand American
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I apologize for my tone in my posting. Completly uncalled for.  I had
just gotten back from a foray, where a participant loudly insisted
that the blacking of a penny when boiled with the questionable fungus,
was a valid method of measuring toxicity...
Frustrating indeed!

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