[Mycology] Shiitake spawn producers

Edwin Francisco Canessa Amador via mycology%40net.bio.net (by ecanessa from itcr.ac.cr)
Tue Oct 2 00:16:28 EST 2007

Mr Shelby: 
I am looking for shiitake spawn producers.  I work for the School of Forestry
Engineering at the Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica.  I am helping a small
cooperative to start a pilot project to produce shiitake in Costa Rica, using
sawdust in plastic bags and would like to get a good strain to be used.  I
understand you have information on shiitake spawn producers in USA and I
would like to know if you could provide us e-mails to contact them to find
out about their strains and prices.  I would apreciate any information you
could provide.  Thankyou.
Edwin Canessa, Ph. D.
School of Forestry Engineering

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