[Mycology] truffle culture

Rasheed Adeleke via mycology%40net.bio.net (by r_adeleke from yahoo.com)
Thu Oct 25 07:08:06 EST 2007

Yes, you can do that, but under a very sterile condition. Just pick a very small portion from inside the sporocarp, sterilize with 50% ethanol and inoculate on either MMN or PDA. Just note that starting a truffle culture takes time.
Joe Skulan <jlskulan from geology.wisc.edu> wrote:
  I would like to start a culture from a white truffle (T. magnatum) 
and am seeking advice. Will inoculating a PDA medium with fragments 
of the truffle work? Can I sterilize the truffle in a way that won't 
kill the spores?

Thank you,

Joe Skulan

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