[Mycology] Giant Puffball Cultivation

MIKE L via mycology%40net.bio.net (by rubbnsmoke from comcast.net)
Fri Sep 28 08:09:05 EST 2007

Mauricio, Hi, my name is Mike, I'm a big fan of the Puffball, it's one of my favorite edibles. Unfortunately, cultivation, like Morels, isn't really an option. They only fruit once or twice(if you're lucky) a year(late May-Jul and Aug-Sept) and only when conditions are just right. First, the temps have to be correct, 70's-80's during the day, and 50's-60's at night. Then you need rain, a couple days of good soaking. And like Magic they come up almost overnite. As I part I am leaving to go out to my favorite Puffball patch in my Deer Hunting woods, conditions have been perfect here(I live in Michigan) and they should be popping up all over right now. Sorry to say but your best bet is to find an area where they grow and do as I do, just monitor the weather and when conditions are correct, go harvest. Just remember to leave a few to go to spore to keep the area fertile.

Good Luck and Happy Harvesting

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