[Mycology] Help with Cordyceps ID

Mycos via mycology%40net.bio.net (by mycos from shaw.ca)
Sat Apr 26 22:38:53 EST 2008

Didn't someone just ask for a key or monograph to Cordyceps or allies?

I just run across this, which fits the bill somewhat.

Gary Williams

Trial field key to CLUB FUNGI in the Pacific Northwest
Prepared for the Pacific Northwest Key Council
By Ian Gibson, South Vancouver Island Mycological Society
Copyright ã 2007 Pacific Northwest Key Council


This is a key to the Club Fungi of the Pacific Northwest (British 
Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho). Club fungi as understood here 
include the upright, unbranched fungi that do not fit into other 
morphological groups. There are not only clavate (club-shaped) fungi, 
but cylindric fungi, and upright fungi with differentiated heads. Both 
ascomycetes and basidiomycetes are included.

The species are divided into seven groups, the first six characterized 
by the color of the upper part of the fruitbody, and the last containing 
the stinkhorns, distinctive species which distinguish themselves 
immediately by their foul odor. Species that have more than one color 
are included in more than one color group. The key leads start at the 
following numbers.




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