[Mycology] Fluoride/Fluorine Hyperaccumulators

Danny Newman via mycology%40net.bio.net (by newmy51 from gmail.com)
Sat Feb 9 20:48:25 EST 2008

Stamets´ Mycelium Running illustrates just a sampling of some of the heavy
metal accumulator candidates in the fungal world, but it´s an admittedly
incomplete list; a work in progress.  Seeing as fluoride is an incredibly
prolific poison -- present in just about everything from Prozac to potatoes
-- and is very expensive to filter, I´m interested to find out if there is a
fungus which could feasibly complement areas with mild to massive fluoride
concentrations in the soil or water, and absorb or bind with the fluoride
molecules through the mycelia.  Some plants, such as Hydrocotyle umbellate
L. (Water Pennywort), have been demonstrated as good fluoride accumulators,
but a fungal match would have the advantages of both mycelium over roots
(greater square area for absorption), and being an overall easier organism
to maintain, among countless others.  Like the heavy metal macrofungal
accumulators, they´d need to be kicked as a food source, and I dare not
think of selling the reconcentrated compound back to whoever it came from,
but at least it´s out of the food chain.  Any thoughts?

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