[Mycology] #77 TMC Mushroom Journal now up for free inspection and download

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Sat Jan 19 01:33:23 EST 2008

The latest #77 "THE  MUSHROOM  CULTURE", The Journal of Mushroom
Cultivation (TMC) January 2008 Issue is now posted up for free
inspection and download.


Some articles that might interest you most are:
Mushroom Spore Print sample Free Affixed inside SO30 <>Pleurotus
Working With Amanita Muscaria Mycelium
The Addition of Major nutrients Applied To Mushrooms
Enoki Mushroom (Winter Mushroom/GIN-JEN-GU) - Prevents Cancer
Mushrooms May Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer
Fungus Genome Yielding Answers
Building Bombproof Immunity
Frog killer fungus 'breakthrough'
Mushrooms Can Prevent Tooth Decay
How Deadly/Poisonous Mushrooms Produce Toxins
Scientists Discover New Underwater Mushroom
Drying Out Mushrooms
Using Copper to rid mold......and much more

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