[Mycology] Re: Pleurotus nebrodensis(Inz.)Quél subtract formulation?

mfk via mycology%40net.bio.net (by mafarka from email.it)
Thu May 15 01:57:57 EST 2008

Scriveva bmdc lunedì, 12/05/2008:
> Hello to all !
> I am in love with /Funcia di basilisc/, i would like to know if anybody can 
> guide me through the formulation for growing this mushroom indoors.
> I only have one formulation from Chuiguling ( Unicornbag).
> I am looking for a key in  formulation  with materials available in 
> Mediterranean Countries.
> Any reports or suggestion are welcome.
> Kind regards
> Bruno Conduto
> ( Food Engineer)

Read the email i've sent, grow it like a common oyster on straw or 
supplemented sawdust+woddchips!


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