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The complete redesign of the Humboldt Institute website, now with a 
color flyer for each seminar, easier site navigation, and more 
complete information about the Institute, its programs, and eastern 
coastal Maine. http://www.eaglehill.us

Syllabi are available for all of the natural history training 
seminars at Eagle Hill.

Lichens and Fungi: Identification, Ecology, and Role in Assessing 
Forest Continuity
                                                 Steven Selva
July 6 - 12 ..... Lichenicolous Fungi: North America's Second Sick 
Lichen Masterclass
                                                 David L. Hawksworth
August 3 - 9 .... Polypores, Tooth Fungi, and Crust Fungi
                                                 Thomas Volk and Sean
Aug 31 - Sept 6 . Mycology for Naturalists: Diversity, Biology, and 
Ecology of Fungi and Fungal-like Organisms
                                                 David Porter
Sept 28 - Oct 4 . Advanced Mycology: Freshwater and Marine Ascomycetes
                                                 Carol Ann Shearer

Seminar information may be found at 

For more information, please contact the Humboldt Institute, PO Box 
9, Steuben, ME 04680-0009.
207-546-2821. Fax 207-546-3042
E-mail - mailto:office from eaglehill.us

    In support of field biologists, modern field naturalists, and 
students of the natural history sciences, Eagle Hill offers specialty 
seminars and workshops at different ecological scales for those who 
are interested in understanding, addressing, and solving complex 
ecological questions. Seminars topics range from watershed level 
subjects, and subjects in classical ecology, to highly specialized 
seminars in advanced biology, taxonomy, and ecological restoration. 
Eagle Hill has long been recognized as offering hard-to-find seminars 
and workshops which provide important opportunities for training and 
meeting others who are likewise dedicated to the natural history 
    Eagle Hill field seminars are of special interest because they 
focus on the natural history of one of North America's most 
spectacular and pristine natural areas, the coast of eastern Maine 
from Acadia National Park to Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge and 
beyond. Most seminars combine field studies with follow-up lab 
studies and a review of the literature. Additional information is 
provided in lectures, slide presentations, and discussions. Seminars 
are primarily taught for people who already have a reasonable 
background in a seminar program or in related subjects, or who are 
keenly interested in learning about a new subject. Prior discussions 
of personal study objectives are welcome.
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