[Mycology] Choiromyces venosus

Disa Falke via mycology%40net.bio.net (by Disa.Falke.3842 from student.uu.se)
Mon Sep 22 14:45:55 EST 2008


I am a Swedish student, doing my exam work on the truffle Choiromyces venosus.

My exam work is a small part of a larger research project, where the  
pharmacognosy, systematics, ecology, cultivation possibility and  
vitamin content of Choiromyces venosus, will be investigated.

Mainly I will examine how the ITS-sequence differs between specimens  
from different areas of Sweden (and Europe), but I will also do a  
literature study on chemical content, and cultural uses of the truffle.

It has been hard to find any literature or research about the  
chemistry of the truffle, and my question is if anyone has any tips  
for me?

I will be thankful for any information in the subject!

/Disa Falke

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