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On Sep 22, 12:45 pm, Disa Falke <Disa.Falke.3... from student.uu.se> wrote:
> Hi!
> I am a Swedish student, doing my exam work on the truffle Choiromyces venosus.
> My exam work is a small part of a larger research project, where the  
> pharmacognosy, systematics, ecology, cultivation possibility and  
> vitamin content of Choiromyces venosus, will be investigated.
> Mainly I will examine how the ITS-sequence differs between specimens  
> from different areas of Sweden (and Europe), but I will also do a  
> literature study on chemical content, and cultural uses of the truffle.
> It has been hard to find any literature or research about the  
> chemistry of the truffle, and my question is if anyone has any tips  
> for me?
> I will be thankful for any information in the subject!
> /Disa Falke
To my knowledge, Choiromyces venosus has not been found in the U.S.
However, a close relative has been found. It is edible, and according
to Charles LeFebre (current president of the North American Truffling
Society) and especially esculent species. I believe the species name
is C. alveolatus, but I could be wrong.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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