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Different pigments express different activities.  For dematiaceous fungi, the pigment melanin provides photo- and oxidant protection (both in the environment and in surviving phagocytosis).  To a limited extent - carotenoid pigments provide photoprotection and also are involved in sexuality of some fungi.

For examples:
The contribution of melanin to microbial pathogenesis
JD Nosanchuk, A Casadevall - Cellular Microbiology, 2003 - Blackwell Synergy

Geis, P.A., and P.J. Szaniszlo. 1984. Carotenoid pigments and photoresistance in Wangiella dermatitidis. Mycologia 76: 270-275

Genes involved in carotene synthesis and mating in Blakeslea trispora.
Kuzina V, Ramírez-Medina H, Visser H, van Ooyen AJ, Cerdá-Olmedo E, van den Berg JA. Curr Genet. 2008 Sep;54(3):143-52. Epub 2008 Aug 2.

Certainly there are other pigments.

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I am not sure if I am sending this to the correct address?  I got this address from a site that I visited and read an answer to a question about molds.

If there is anyone there willing to field this question, I would be so grateful.

What purpose does the color pigmentation of a mold serve?  Is it a sign of maturity?

Thanks, so very much :-)



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