[Mycology] Re: ATCC Culture 52066 Epidermophyton Floccossom wanted for research. (Does NOT have to be atcc certified)

Tom McCloud via mycology%40net.bio.net (by tommccld from gmail.com)
Wed Jan 14 19:13:30 EST 2009

ATCC is listed in their on-line catalog.  Order a culture. $250.  


On Mon, 12 Jan 2009 09:28:37 -0500, "EmailUser lab" <lab from tdisp.com>

>I've been searching for sources of a 52066 (if that atcc number is still
>valid) Epidermophyton Floccossom culture, and I'm having a really tough time
>trying to locate sources.  I have not had any problem with Trichophyton, as
>my present supplier stocks it.
>I'm also having difficulty in trying to post messages into newsgroups, and
>I've been corresponding with my isp on this issue.  The server, appearantly
>is unable to send messages into bionet.mycology, however, it did appear to
>send messages for bionet.microbiology- but I have not seen them appear yet.
>This time I am trying sci.bio.microbiology and I shall see if this one
>LAB from tdisp.com
>Cleveland Ohio
>Now as for my Internet service, all that the people could tell me was to
>recheck the settings within Microsoft Outlook Express, which I've done
>repeatedly.  Now upon taking a closer look at some of the posts within
>Bionet.Mycology, it appears as though individuals are sending in their
>messages to one of various email addresses instead of simply using the "New
>Post" message button in the program. If someone could write back to me with
>more detailed information on how to use this newsgroup and how it differs
>from others, then please do that. My Internet customer service people have
>been of no use to me in this matter. Thanks, Dale

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