[Mycology] Transform Greenhouse into Mushroom house?

Sdraeger via mycology%40net.bio.net (by seth.draeger from gmail.com)
Sat Jan 24 22:22:50 EST 2009

Hey all,
  I have a green house on the NORTH side of my house that is about
35X14 feet. It has cinder block up about 3 feet, then metal frame with
glass. There are vents in the cinder block, and the floor is gravel.
Since it's on the north side of my house it's pretty much worthless
unless you use the natural gas heating system it has. It was designed
for commecial production of african violets, but I don't want to
bother spending the money to get it runnning again. My thought was
that I could remove all the glass and put a 60% shade cloth over the
whole thing, maybe put in a watering system and grow shiitakes or
other mushrooms. Has anyone had any experience in this sort of thing?
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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