[Mycology] obtaining sporeprint sample

Fabrizio Amicone via mycology%40net.bio.net (by amicone.fabrizio from unibari.net)
Wed Jun 17 09:17:48 EST 2009

Dear Sir,
I am writing from Italy and I am doing some experiments with
bioluminescent fungi. I already have collected 2 phenotypes of
Panellus stipticus, 1 Omphalotus olearius and 1 Lampteromyces
japonicum, and currently have them plated on agar + dextrose +
One of my goals is trying to complete the cycle of that fungi on
various substrate and in a controlled environment (terrariums).
I am still looking for some spores of bioluminescent Mycena,
especially clorophos or lucentipes or lampadis (with a luminescence
easy to catch with an adequate camera and small in size). Can I hope
you will help me finding a spore sample? if you are interested, I
could exchange some plates of the species I have in colture now.

Best regards and looking forward to hear from you,

Fabrizio Amicone

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