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Hi Gwyneth, 

You followed in the steps of the man considered the "father of modern
mycology", Pier Antonio Micheli.  In the mid 1700, he carried out a
pioneering experiment, showing that if he took the powder from a moldy
squash using a little brush and "painted" a freshly cut squash, he would get
the same mold to grow. This was terribly important because much was made at
the time of "spontaneous generation," that is, the emergence of life from
scratch.  He even used a microscope to show that the moldy powder contained
spores. By showing that spores can make a mold, he added to the evidence
that living things come from living things.

For more about "my hero": see

Good luck in your studies and keep doing such interesting experiments.

Elio Schaechter
Author, "In the Company of Mushrooms"
Harvard University Press
Co-curator, "Registry of Mushrooms in Works of Art"

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