[Mycology] Re: white truffle (T. magnatum)

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Wed Apr 14 20:52:01 EST 2010

On Apr 7, 3:43 pm, Massimo Gifoli <gif... from gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello My name is Massimo gifoli I grow medicinal mushrooms for hobby and I
> would like top know if you have been successful in growing white truffle (T.
> magnatum)   .
>  I would like to start a culture from a white truffle (T. magnatum)

I know of no such person. Here in Oregon, T. magnatum has not been
found. However, T. albidum has been found here.

I have inoculated and harvested T. oregonense and T. gibbosum, both
known as Oregon White truffle, at 7 locations.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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