[Mycology] Mushrooms and blood sugars

Robert Brown via mycology%40net.bio.net (by robertoliverbrown from gmail.com)
Fri Feb 10 22:27:49 EST 2012

Hello, bionet.mycology!

I've heard that there are certains kinds of mushrooms that can effect
a person's
blood sugar and I'm interested in mushrooms that can induce
hypoglycemia, or the
lowering of one's blood sugars. Here are some that I've heard can
induce it:

- Auricularia auricula-judae
- Agaricus subrufescens
- Agaricus campestris
- Agrocybe aegerita
- Coprinus comatus
- Ganoderma lucidum
- Grifola frondosa
- Hericium erinaceus
- Inonotus obliquus
- Lentinus edodes
- Poria cocos
- Tremella fuciformis

Any more information on this subject would be appreciated (more fungi
bring about this effect, why these fungi can cause this to happen, or
papers on
the topic that are any good).

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