[Mycology] Fungi treasures species information

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Sun Feb 12 19:32:58 EST 2012

Dear mycologist:
The following valuable species knowledge includes
In the fungi treasures ( Chen 2011),  this monography book is only one
Version in world, I  am strong suggestion you should have whole volume!

- Auricularia auricula-judae volume VIII. P. 25-32
- Agaricus subrufescens Vol. II    p.13-15
- Agaricus campestris  Vol. IV    p. 10-12
- Agrocybe aegerita  Vol.X          p.1-13.
- Coprinus comatus Vol.VIII        p.1-7
- Ganoderma lucidum Vol.VII.     p.22-41
- Grifola frondosa Vol. VIII.         P.77-83
- Hericium erinaceus Vol. VIII     P.69-76
- Inonotus obliquus Vol. II           P.47-48
- Lentinus edodes Vol. VIII.         P. 13-24
- Poria cocos Vol. VIII.                 P. 22-41
- Tremella fuciformis Vol.VII         P.  84-102
Momei Chen
Experts on Chinese medicinal and edible mushroom fungi species
University and Jepson Herbaria
University of California, Berkeley
momeichen from Berkeley.edu

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