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Eagle Hill Summer Field Courses

This summer, the Eagle Hill Institute (Steuben Me) is offering 5 one-week-long workshops in lichenology and 2 workshops in mycology (see below). Eagle Hill field courses are of special interest because they focus on the natural history of one of North America’s most spectacular and pristine natural areas, the coast of eastern Maine from Acadia National Park to Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge and beyond. Our summer field courses are taught by experts in their respective fields. Course participants include beginning to advanced amateurs, graduate and undergraduate students, teachers, professional field biologists, university professors, and personnel from federal and state agencies and numerous environmental organizations.

For general program information, go to http://www.eaglehill.us/seminars
For more information, contact Marilyn Mayer:  marilyn from eaglehill.us    or  207-546-2821
 June 21 – June 27       Lichens and Lichen Ecology 
                                         David Richardson and Mark Seaward 

 June 28 – July 4           Crustose Lichens: Identification using Morphology, Anatomy, and SimpleChemistry      
					 Irwin Brodo 

July 5 – July 11            Calicioid Lichens and Fungi of the Acadian Forest 
                                         Steven Selva 

Aug 2 – Aug 8               Mushroom Identification for New Mycophiles: Foraging for Edible and
    Medicinal Mushrooms    Greg Marley and Michaeline Mulvey

  Aug 16 - Aug 22		   Lichens, Biofilms, and Stone 
					  Judy Jacob and Michaela Schmull

Aug 30 -­‐   Sept 5            How to Know the Lichen Genus Cladonia and Its Parasites
					   Richard Harris

Sept 6 – Sept 12          Ascomycetes, Waxcaps, and Other Fall Fungi of New England
					Alan Bessette and Arlene Bessette

The attached pdf has the course titles hot linked to the course description. Please share this information with your colleagues and students. 
Thank you!


Marilyn Mayer, Science Program Manager
Eagle Hill Institute 
PO Box 9, 59 Eagle Hill Road, Steuben, ME 04680-0009 

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