Neurosurgery Information Needed

Nora Nizam Khammash nora at
Thu Aug 15 11:21:11 EST 1991

A psychiatric patient, diagnosed as having an "Obsessive 
Compulsive Disorder", was advised to have a Modified Leukotomy 
or Tractotomy operation performed on him after all other
psychiatric treatments failed.

I've been trying to locate different neurosurgical centers,
around the world and the U.S. especially, in which such
operation would be performed.

So far I contacted the following places and none of them was
able to provide me with such information:

- American Psychiatric Association.
- American Hospitals Association.
- American Academy of Neurosurgeons.
- Neurosurgery (or Neurosurgeaons?) Clinic.

I would appreciate any information about such 
centers (names & numbers).

Please mail your replies to nora at

Thank you,
- Nora.  

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