Magnetic stimulation of brain

Mike Levin mlevin at
Tue Aug 6 11:45:55 EST 1991

   There is a large body of literature which shows that magnetic
fields have many different effects on biological systems, at levels of
organization from molecules to groups of individuals, at many
different field types/strengths. The lower-strength field effects are
more interesting, but high-strength field effects have also been seen
(for example, the stoppage of embryonic development of various
species, etc.).  Many magnetic field effects on brain function
(including morphological and metabolic effects on glial cells,
behavioral effects, etc.) have likewise been seen. Thus, this kind of
procedure may have unwanted ramifications due to the magnetic field.

Just my $0.02 worth... If anyone wants more info/references, let me
know. I am currently involved in research in the relationship between
electromagnetic fields and embryonic development at Tufts U.

Mike Levin

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